The Weeping Angels: A Short Story

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I start pacing, because it's the only way my mind can seem to comprehend what's going on. "How many?" I ask, in monotone. "I don't know. Three, if I had to guess," the Doctor answers. I nod. "Okay. Okay...we can handle that. Right? Three-ish in a building with...twenty to a hundred people? I don't know. But I do know if someone doesn't turn that alarm off, the Weeping Angels aren't the only things we need to be concerned about." "What are these...whatever these things are?" Bill asks. "Oh, you know. Weeping angels," I sigh, "not the worst beings I've seen. Well, I mean, they're definitely up there but uh...let's hope they're more in a send everyone back in time kind of mood than, you know, a killing spree." "Brielle?" "What?" I look …show more content…

Oh...sorry. I...wasn't expecting this situation to go this way. That alarm is going to make me lose it." "I'm...still waiting on that answer...anyway," Bill mumbles. "Sorry, again. Okay...Weeping Angels. Weeping Angels. Uh...stone statues of angels, although that's pretty self explanatory. The thing about them hay makes them rather...difficult, is that they can only move when you're not looking at them. So, basically if you're in a standoff with one and you blink, game over. They'll send you back in time, where you'll be stuck to live out your lives in...the hills of Yorkshire or something." "Well, that's not...horrible, right?" Bill says, studying my reaction. "Of course not. Unless we all get separated, I'm somehow unable to ever find you again, and we're forced to literally restart our lives. Or, there's also the possibility that they just kill us. They do that sometimes...apparently. Oh, and there's something else. What is it?" "Don't look in the eyes," The Doctor …show more content…

Or rather, my friend's blue box, if that makes a difference." "Oh...not to worry. That was put into the area specifically meant for guest's personal items, it will be perfectly safe there." "Okay, but...that's not at all what I'm asking," I sigh heavily, "I need that box back, like, right now." "Oh, well, I'm afraid that won't be possible until the security alert is lifted. But, that will be happening any moment-" "Whatever, I get it." I turn around to face Bill and the Doctor, and motion back towards Gerald. "See?" "So, new plan, then," Bill says. I look up towards the Doctor. "You have any more ideas?" I say, "because I don't. Although, I do really have a knack for disproving any and all of your plans. I am semi-useful, as it turns out." "Of course I have a plan, Brielle," the Doctor says, earning a very long and exaggerated eye roll from me. He walks back around the hallway, and I don't follow him right away. "Don't you dare run off," I call, "because I cannot find you if you do something stupid and...there he goes. He doesn't even care. Ugh." I sigh, turning towards Bill, "just so you know, he has no clue what he's doing. He completely makes this up as he goes along. The only difference between him and me is that I don't pretend that I know what I'm doing. Also he's keeping secrets from me and I'm going to hold a grudge against him until he opens up. Oh, wait, my bad. I'm not supposed to bring that up 'cause that's

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