Weight Of The Nation

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The documentary “The Weight of the Nation Part One (Consequences)”, does an excellent job of depicting how severe the health consequences are in correlation to the obesity epidemic. The utmost thought-provoking data in this documentary is that 68.8% of American adults are overweight or obese. When it comes down to it, people should not be looking the other way, because the nation needs to come together and make it a priority to discover a solution. In addition, morbid obesity has outstandingly increased since 1980, which I for one find that particularly alarming. This epidemic is a concern in which ascended over the span of the last thirty years. It is imperative to keep in mind that obesity is often preventable; it is not some unfortunate product of nature. This is not nurture verses nature due to both assuming critical parts in this matter. Genetic make-up, environment and behavior are all contributors to this epidemic and subsequently detrimental health effects are the result. The increase of obesity in this nation is cutting down the …show more content…

In any case, now we should investigate the larger picture, which is that in ten years that is a total gain of thirty pounds. This weight gain can lead to type two diabetes which is associated with being overweight and numerous health issues emerge, for example, heart attack, stroke and kidney disease just to name a few. There are so many negative side consequences for obesity and essentially, we need to commit to fighting this epidemic. I must say it is disturbing that this is the first generation of children that will live a shorter life than their parents will. I think one serious issue is that food quality has decreased in a major way because corporations want to maximize profit. Overall, in the long run, the problem is difficult to solve, but we must work toward a

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