What Are Benjamin Franklin's Accomplishments

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Benjamin Franklin Rough Draft An author, printer, political theorist, politician, free mason, post master, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. Who would 've known that someone were all of these things listed. Well, only one person who is intelligent enough and that I know who can be all of these things listed, which is Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin had many accomplishments, but one of his accomplishments was making a library. Around the 1730s, Franklin was trying to help launch the Library Company in 1731. During the 1700s, it was hard to find books that weren 't expensive. That made Franklin realize if he had enough resources/ tools, then he could have residents from England afford to buy books. After all that hard work, Library Company was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1731. Not only did Benjamin Franklin build a library, but he also founded Philadelphia 's Union Fire Company. Benjamin knew that fires were a danger to the residents in Philadelphia, so he organized a company called Philadelphia 's Union Fire Company in 1736. People who have suffered …show more content…

Benjamin Franklin started to have an active interest for politics in the 1750s. He went to England in 1757 to represent Pennsylvania in its fight with the Penn family over who should represent the colony. He also remained in England from 1775 as a colonial representative for Pennsylvania, but also Georgia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, which is pretty impressive. In 1775. Franklin was surprised to America 's opposition to the Stamp Act. He also did a testimony before Parliament to help persuade the members to repel the law. That 's when Franklin 's big break happened. Franklin some how got a hold of some of the letters sent to the king, from Thomas Hutchinson for an abridgment. He then sent all the letters to America, where all the residents were outraged. After leaking the letters, he was sent to the White Hall, where he was condemned in

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