What Are The Benefits Of European Imperialism

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During the age of imperialism Europe had a lot of advantages that lead to the success of the continent. Imperialism is when a country’s power is extended. The age of Imperialism was when new colonies were developed and expanded, this occurred during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Europe wasn’t only a more advanced area but there were also many geographic advantages. The Europeans were very capable of conquering most of the known world during the this time in history because of geographic luck also the animals that were in the continent and the weapons they had caused Europe to have a great advantage. Due to the trading routes and materials available Europe was very geographically lucky during the age of imperialism. This was because Europe was located between Asia and Africa which allows trade routes to be efficient. Asia traded mostly textiles and materials and Africa traded…show more content…
Europe mainly had cattle and horses. These animals helped farming, transportation and daily life. Also the animals native to Europe did not carry as many diseases which kept the population from going down. Guns and other weapons impacted Europe and made the continent stronger during this time. In Europe around the time of the age of imperialism the coal was very good in most places which lead to more production of steel. Which caused the production of guns, swords and other weapons to rise and become higher quality. This affected imperialism because the better their weapons were the more wars they could win. In conclusion the production of weapons was very important during the age of imperialism. All in all Europe was thriving during the age of imperialism. Their weapons were at a prime in production, their animals were in great condition and their geography helped them greatly during this new era. In conclusion Europe was way more successful compared to other continents at this
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