What Are The Positive Stereotypes Of Asian American People?

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Most of the time when one thinks of a stereotype, damaging and hurtful comments come to mind. However, for the Asian American population, this is not always the case. This leaves one to wonder is there such a thing as a positive stereotype, and if so, can positive stereotypes have a positive outcome. During this course, we have discussed at length about how stereotypes affect a racial group. Most of the time, stereotyping a racial group causes tension and brings about negative and damaging effects.
Almost all Americans have heard the stereotype “all Asian Americans are smart”. The model minority stereotype is the cultural expectation placed on Asian Americans as group to be smart (naturally good at science and math), wealthy, and hardworking”. So this leaves one to wonder, how could this stereotype cause harm to someone? …show more content…

One article stated that positive stereotypes among the Asian American population actually gives these individuals an academic advantage towards their peers. This article stated that in the American School there is such a thin as the Asian Advantage. Studies have shown that teacher’s expectations of student’s correlates with achievement. Traditionally, disadvantaged students have been known to perform poorly as a result of low expectations from teachers. On the other end of the spectrum, when teachers perceive their students as “smart”, their academic performance can improve. In the case of Asian Americans, it contributes to their success. The article goes on to discuss how the model minority stereotype can boost academic performance and leadership in the workforce among Asian

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