Why Philosophical Analysis Matters

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Why Philosophical Analysis Matters?
1. Better comprehension and communication
There are a vast amount of words and each of them may have a different explanation and it is determined by the person and in what way he or she is using it. Culture, location, and nationality may be some of the factors for the different meaning of the words. Some other factors could include age and sense of humour. This is one reason why philosophical analysis matters. Thru philosophical analysis, people would be able to have a deeper understanding on how a person is using a certain word or phrase and be able to distinguish the meaning he or she is trying to convey and this is evident in our everyday lives. We use communication in order to interact with other people. …show more content…

That is why people came up of writing about philosophical analysis which later combined in books. Furthermore, education and different philosophical courses are created to cater a lot of students or interested individuals in learning philosophical analysis.
These films, books, studies, education, medicine, science, and more have come to life because of people’s discovery that they are important. They were able to know that they are important because of philosophical analysis. Additionally, these things are used in order to impart knowledge to other people.
Philosophical analysis also allows people to get jobs and be professionals because people use analysis in data and situations. With philosophical analysis, people would be able to analyze data the right way and this would result to them being employed. Once he or she is employed that person could gain profit that he or she could use to sustain daily needs or to satisfy his or her …show more content…

Philosophical analysis allows people to be aware. It allows them to analyze the situation and know the pros and cons of it. Philosophical analysis also makes people think and enables them on the right or logical way on how to perceive things.
Since people had a sufficient knowledge and knows how to think critically through philosophical analysis, these people would not be easily taken advantage of. These people could escape being tricked or fooled.
Moreover, another example is that people would be able to avoid certain diseases since they know the causes of it. They knew it because of observations, connection of events, and thru the analysis of science and medicine.
For example, based on my experience, one factor that would lead me to have colds is when I was sweating because I walked for a long time under the sun then I went straight inside an air-conditioned room. With this, I left my sweat unattended and let it dry and because of this I got colds. The next time that I know that I would walk under the sun and have a class in an air-conditioned room then I know that I have to stop by the comfort room first, wipe my sweat and cool down before entering the room. Because of philosophical analysis, I was able to connect the cause and effect on why I got colds. Thru philosophical analysis, I was able to know one way on how I could prevent myself from getting

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