What Is Alain Locke Explain The Possible Solution To Esther's Identity

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Please share your thoughts and impressions about Alain Locke's explanation of the "New Negro."(See page 343-348) Write two well developed paragraphs describing how and why one becomes "new?" Define architect. Share how you can/can-not identify with the concept of a “New Negro” presented by Locke. Please explain why Alain Locke was deemed as the “Architect” of the Harlem Renaissance. Define architect.

In Alain Locke’s “New Negro” he discusses the reinvention on the black man. The Harlem Renaissance was a period that allowed the black race to show themselves. To continue their advocation, but in multiple ways such as writing, artistic expression, activism, etc. The Negro had been transformed. Their vision for the future had a purpose filled …show more content…

The white suitor doesn’t want to date because she’s black. Since she can’t have a man in real life, she dreams of one being with Barlo.

2.Explain the possible solution to Esther’s identity problem. One possible solution could be for Esther to build up her self-esteem. If the one that she wants doesn’t want her, then she must move on. She could re-invent her image and show potential suitors that she’s a African American beauty.

3.What is the significance of “deciding to love someone?”

Deciding to love someone is like not leaving by fate. Instead, you meet someone who you may or may not have things in common with and you grow to love each other. Or, deciding to love someone could be when things don’t out in your favor, so you have to go with the alternate.

4.Explain disillusionment in the story.

In this story, disillusionment is revealed once Esther finally decides that she is going to tell Barlo that she loves. When she finally sees him, the exciting is gone and she realizes that he’s not what she anticipated him to be for all these years.

5.Write two developed paragraphs on how

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