What Is Apple's Ethical Ethics

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APPLE’S BROKEN PROMISES The documentary proves that there are ethical misconducts in terms of employee rights, working at Apple’s overseas suppliers’ facilities. For example, at Foxconn and Pegatron, two of Apple’s largest suppliers, there is extreme psychological and physical pressure on employees which even lead to several employee suicides. Also, there is illegally mined tin in Apple’s products produced at horrible and dangerous working conditions for workers some of which are children. Apple definitely carries a responsibility because it promises stakeholders an ethical guideline which is followed by suppliers. This creates an “ethical brand” perception that contributes Apple’s profits, this is why Apple is obligated to control the safety and health issues of workers at supplier’s facilities. The question is, to what extent Apple is ethically bonded to eliminate its supply chains unethical conducts. First of all, one should ask that is Apple aware of the situation? The answer seems to be yes because there are several instances where people reported these misconducts either to Apple representatives or directly to company. Considering the fact that company promises an ethical guideline regarding employee rights, working conditions is being followed not only by itself but also by suppliers, they are ethically bounded to control and enforce these promises. At this point, one could argue if Apple is able to make its suppliers comply to its ethical requirements. Apple is the

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