What Is Hercules Heroic Archetype

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What kind of heroic archetype is Hercules? Hercules, the son of Zeus, is a different heroic archetype for both the myth and the Disney movie. I think in the myth, Hercules is a creator, but in the Disney movie he is a seeker. In the myth, Hercules is a creator. Hercules had to complete ten labors for the gods to forgive him and accept him for his sins. Hercules’ fear was the goddess Hera. The dragon of Hercules is Eurystheus, Hera’s son, because Hera is attempting to get revenge through Eurystheus. Hercules completed all ten labors, but had to complete two more because Eurystheus did not count two. He had become immortal. By the end, Hercules had done everything he needed to do. In the Disney animated movie, I think Hercules is a seeker.

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