What Is Madison's Argument In Chapter 25

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In the first paragraph of the Federalist Paper 10, Madison explains what he is trying to do with the constitution. His main concerns were to establish a government that was capable of controlling violence and damage caused by factions. He believes that as long as men have different opinions, different amounts of property and wealth, then there will always be factions.
When Madison says faction, he means a group of people that have some strong common passion or interest. He believe that the most common and durable source of a faction is the unequal distribution of property.
In Madison’s view, the two methods of removing the cause of factions was to remove its causes and to control its effects. That is, basically destroying the liberty of every …show more content…

He argues that a large republic would be using the idea of majority rules, but the ideas of the minority would still be taken into consideration. This also means that no one group could take over the government. He also argues that if it was a small democracy it would be easy for the candidates to fool the voters. If it was a large republic then it would be harder to fool voters.
Madison believes that large republics are best able to avoid the dangers of faction. This is because at large republics, there are more experiences to share and unity is better valued. Also because the majority rules in republics, but the minorities ideas are still taken into consideration.
In Federalist Paper 51, James Madison is explaining that the purpose of the essay is so that people have a better understanding on how the structure of the proposed government makes liberty possible. He is trying to justify that no one branch of government should have too much power in selecting confederates of the other branches and that the citizens should select their president.
The statement suggests that Madison only states the truth. He says that if all men were angels there wouldn’t be any crimes so we would not need a government. He also says that “we may not like to admit that men abuse power, but the need for government proves that we do.” He also states that all men are

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