What Is Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Did you know 95.2% of americans own a television in their household, but only 72% have read a book in the past year. Books are amazing things, they have been used by humanity for centuries, they have been used to store wast amounts of knowledge. Technology has always in some way increased the knowledge of the populous, one such advancement would be the printing press. In the Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 the opposite is a reality. Books in the novel have been banned and tabooed from a society that is only focus is entertainment. Fahrenheit 451 was published in 1953 but the similarities to our society is chilling. The question is why are books alienated from society and how does the novel compare to our own.

There are multitudes of new
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One such technology that bares the biggest similarity to the modern version would be the seashell radios. For instance earbuds are practically the same thing as sea shell radios because of their ability to listen to media such as news and music, in the confined space of someone's ear. A great deal of people use earbuds as a sleeping aid instead of thinking similar to Mildred, you could say bradbury was right in this aspect of the future. Another technology in Fahrenheit 451 that resembles modern times would be the parlor walls. For example, although not to the scale of entire walls, flat screen televisions are a thing. Almost everyone owns their own television similar to the people in the novel, likewise many people spend many hours on end in front of their televisions watching programs with no intellectual value. Although not exact bradbury was correct in estimating that people would spend much time in front of televisions instead of reading books. Although not the annoying degree portrayed in the subway jet large amounts of advertising is an abundant aspect of our society. For example, advertising is basically everywhere, such as the internet,radio, and television. Many of Ray Bradbury’s predictions have come true 60 years after the book was published and some of his fears have also came true as…show more content…
Although film has come a long way it still can not compare to the novel. For example, Novels bring forth your imagination where films show the the person creating the movie. Television has also came a long way in quality but books still have advantages. One of the most popular television shows Game of Thrones is great yes, but is based on a novel that has much more detail that cannot be shown in the show. (such as the huge iron throne) Lastly books have the advantage of being made most of the time by one person. Hollywood blockbusters contain sometimes thousands of crew members this can lead to disorganization and change the direction of a film. Books however are mostly limited to the author and the publisher leaving less room for the vision to get tainted. To conclude books have many advantages as a medium compared to films and
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