What Is The Code Of Hammurapi

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What is the title of the document?
The Code of Hammurapi
Who is the author of this document?
The author is Hammurapi, the king of the First Babylonian Dynasty (r. 1792 to 1750 B.C.). He was a descendant of Amorite and took power after his father’s death. Hammurapi wanted to defeat the Elamite state because they wanted to expand their influences in all of Mesopotamia. So, he allied with other rulers of Mesopotamia and defeated the Elamite state, but turned on his allies and conquered all of Mesopotamia. He used religion to rule and built temples or buildings to thank the Gods for his success. He was very popular around common people, wiped people’s debts, and listened to the community. Most importantly, he was known for developing the first …show more content…

If you steal- you die
2. If you knock someone’s tooth- your tooth will be knocked
3. If you are a married woman and you cheat- you drown in water
Overall, he issued these laws to make it easier to rule such a large state and to keep issues in order. His laws are a great part of history and in some way helped develop the laws we have today.
In what context did the author compose this document?
Around 2350 B.C. Sumer city-states were conquered by Sargon of Akkad. Sargon’s main goal was to take control of the trade route to make him rich. Later, conquered most of Mesopotamia and created first Akkadian Empire. Like other societies the Akkadian Empire adopted Sumerian ideas and spread them through all of Mesopotamia. After Sargon’s death, the Akkadian Empire went downhill, leaving the Amorites to take control and establish their own empire (Babylonian Empire). (Like the Akkadian Empire, the Babylonian Empire adapted Sumerian ideas) Hammurapi becomes ruler (1792 to 1750 B.C.) and establishes the well-known law code (Hammurapi’s Code). There is little known during his rule, but he is famous for his code of laws. After Hammurapi’s death, he receives a very rare honor; he was worshipped as a God. …show more content…

He is known as being an ambitious ruler and after so long his empire falls. Then the Amorites take control and build the Babylonian Empire. They adapt Sumerian ideas such as, the calendar, mathematics, and the writing system. Hammurapi will come to defeat the Elamite states and rule Mesopotamia (r. 1792-1750 B.C.). During his reign he establishes his famous law code (Hammurapi Code). He believed in bringing justice and being fair. During his reign, everything was in order or peaceful. He used his laws to punish those who committed a crime. In all, he was a much liked person that he is worshipped as a god after his

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