What Is The Difference Between Ralph And Jack In Lord Of The Flies

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Ralph and Jack have very different leadership styles, goals, and morals which, as a result, leads to different behaviour from their followers. In the novel “The Lord of The Flies,” Ralph is a civilized leader whereas Jack is uncivilized and on the path towards savagery. As their time on the island increases, Jack’s interest on being rescued decreases. Unlike Jack, Ralph is mainly focused on being rescued and keeping the rules and regulations of the island in order while Jack is consumed by hunting. Ralph was a chosen leader who always treats his followers with respect and gives them full attention when they have something to say (using the conch). Jack is a leader who makes fun of his followers and gets elected by forcing the boys and beating them so that they join his group. Although Jack and Ralph have more differences than similarities, they share some of the same characteristics. In the end, the difference between Ralph and Jack is that …show more content…

Throughout the novel, Jack is constantly making-fun of Piggy and putting him down. “I’ve got the conch-” Jack turned around fiercely "You shut up." (Golding, 42). In the beginning, Ralph and Jack both didn’t care for Piggy, but along the way, Ralph comes to appreciate his wisdom and considers him a friend. As a leader, Ralph always aimed to benefit the entire group and allowed everyone to have a turn to speak. “I’ll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it while he’s speaking.” (Golding 31). Ralph even let Jack split off and make his group of hunters. In comparison to Jack, Ralph is definitely the more appealing option for a leader. Near the end of the book, that statement is definitely right. Jack goes full savage and starts to beat Sam, Eric and Wilfred, kills Piggy, and starts to hunt Ralph. Jack treated his followers like dirt and did not care about their opinions whereas Ralph always took what they said into

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