What Is Worth A College Education Essay

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College Education: Worth it or Not? In today's day and age, college has morphed into a completely new atmosphere than when it had begun. College used to only be for the elite group of people who strived to expand their academic careers and make their vaults of knowledge as vast as they can possibly stretch. Now, the typical college is well known for athletic events, social life, parties, campus beauty and size, and the cost of attending there. Not often enough is the true reason for enrolling in a college the actual education that you will get there. Going to college can open so many doors that can lead to your future success. Having that degree will automatically make you stand out against people who have not earned one. The likelihood of a pay increase is much greater, and most of all, college gives you a further expansion of knowledge, which is perceived as some to be the greatest weapon out there. Some say one can be fine without earning a college degree, but research proves that it is more than worth the effort to try and achieve that degree. The issue of whether or not getting a college degree is worth it should no …show more content…

With a college diploma, employers will be drawn to you, simply for that reason. Not only will a degree give you an edge over other possible candidates, but it gives you access to thousands of more job opportunities. The typical job position that is only available to a college graduate has a much higher pay than for those without. Also, having the extra education can lead to better benefits in the workplace. Companies are not willing to invest in somebody if they did not take the time and the effort to invest in themselves through furthering their education. The number of blue collar jobs is slowly dwindling, while the number of empty white collar positions is growing more than it ever has. The only way to get to those higher paying, more secure jobs is earning a

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