Why Is College Worth The Money Essay

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College is Worth the Money
Imagine being in kindergarten, walking through the classroom door feeling excited or anxious. It’s the start of an educational career, the spark of someone's dreams for the future. The ideal life plan for kids was to grow up and go to college, now as children or students get older and the costs of college are starting to become more of a reality, some of those kids who were once so invested with the thought of college start to worry about how high the cost is, so what all parents and students are asking, is it really worth it? Going to college is worth the money because it will help one find out what they really want to do in life , it will show them responsibility , and it will better their chances of getting a good,
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Opposing viewpoints say that throughout life one can do that on their own, it doesn’t take college to figure that out. However, college “encourages students to think, ask questions, and explore new ideas, which allows for additional growth and development” (Importance of College Education). College offers many classes, and opportunities that’ll narrow someones options down to what they like to do, and what they want nothing to do with. Also, you can meet new people and expand your ways of thinking on what you want to do in life; open your mind to new ideas (The Value of Education 41). Being open-minded to learn or do new things can show one's true passion for a profession. Lastly, Many students go into college and change their major at least once, going through college helps show you what you really want to invest your time in as a profession (Importance of College Education). It’s okay if one doesn’t know what they want to do going into college, there are many things offered in college someone can learn to love, and want to do in the future. All in all, finding oneself is an important part of life. There are many things college has to offer that’ll help someone not only teach them new things, but help them pursue their
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