When Harry Met Sally Analysis

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In both of these films consist of the battle of the sexes between being friends of a male and female or a marriage that consist of two married lawyers. Yet, in this history of genre, the films were made to find a “means’ to how it produces meaning” (Gant, 32). It also stated that, “deconstruct the mythic codes of cultural text” (Grant, 32). Which the statement means that the ‘mythic codes’ of how the genre in the movies show codes of sex in the film but it lets the audience look for the codes within the films. There is also the idea of representation in both of these films of masculinity, feminist, and the identity of women. Therefore, the deeper meaning, is how men are allowed to cheat, and everything is fine but when women cheat they are scorned and thought to be a slut. …show more content…

This film expresses the relationship between males and females and friendship, love, and sex. Yet, apparently, this movie shows how two people waited until they were old and feeling alone so their love can develop a relationship. Yet, the audience has seen this type of genre of girl meets boy and boy asked girl but girl does not want to because he is a player but the surprise is that they became friends first then lovers. The audience sees this type of genre so many times, so the fact that they wanted to be friends after Harry’s divorce and Sally’s breakup makes it seems unrealistic. There is also a structure of storyline of the type of genre shown in this film and the storyline is the guy and girl met then they say goodbye. Then they met again for a second time but they don’t get together until the fourth time they met making a romantic genre but to make it a comedy would have to be when the fact that males and females can’t be friends, without having sex and then they are not friends

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