White Girl Research Paper

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How many times a day does someone stereotype someone as a “basic white girl” just because they like starbucks coffee, their skin may be white, and their gender is female. I would assume a lot for this specific stereotype because even I would be called this a lot even though I am so much more than what they call a “basic white girl”. No girl is a “basic white girl” because each girl is different in their own unique way. For instance Nadra Kareem Little said it perfectly in the “Stereotype” article she wrote where she said “It’s Important to judge a specific individuals rather than the groups of which they are apart.”(Little 11). Stereotypes are a something we need to efface from our society and replace it with an open mindedness because really it is spreading hurt to people and our culture then it is speaking the…show more content…
When really is there isn't any truth or so called facts that they say about the stereotyping. Though there are positive and negative stereotyping though don’t let the positive connotation deceive you. Even in the article Stereotype written by Nadra Kareem Little says “That’s because all stereotypes are limiting and leave little to no room for individuality.” (Little 9). This is furthermore declaring that whether a stereotype is positive or negative it will in the end be detrimental. Either way that a stereotype is conveyed it will end up being constricing to a races personality and individuality in that area. The next time you think of a stereotype apply yourself to that stereotype or the stereotypes that have been applied to your racial group Think that through on if you would want that stereotype applied to you. This is a very serious situation which I feel is typically looked over today now in world problems. If this social issue were to be fixed it would have domino effect on a lot of other social issues in society
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