A White Rose Analysis

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[A White Rose]

A white rose:
Can we meet again? “Take care of yourself as usual!”
Son, who is a pilot of a light plane, also guides tourists to the beautiful scenery of this area. Many people visit this sparkling Snow Mountain around this time of every year. Father still worries his son even though he has flown the same place many times.
“Don’t worry, Dad. Nothing bad could happen. “, says the son smiling at his father and goes out of the house.
Numerous people gather to climb the beautifully shining Snow Mountain. But, some of them die or are missing. According to the guides of the town, some hikers are awed and stunned by the dazzling white snow, so they sometimes carelessly fall the sacrifice to the Snow Mountain. For this reason, a
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Soon, the snow storm blows magically. Dreadful snow fully swirls around the Snow Mountain, and the light plane disappears out of the sight into the blizzard.
“Our plane is falling, all the passengers, please, …”
Not any sound, even the engine’s ruffling of the plane, can be heard. There is only the rumbling sound of the snowstorm as if time stops.
The blizzard gradually weakens and finally ceases like nothing happened at all. Snow Mountain sparkles as the same as before.
The sacrifice to the Snow Mountain is now chosen.
There is no trail of the plane in the sky around the mountain.
When the snow storm subsides, an old air-mechanic living in the neighbor pounds the door.
“Hey, fella, are you there? Open the door!”
“What’s the matter? Why are you in a hurry?”
Father looks puzzled by his abrupt visit. The old man grabs him over his shoulders and hollers.
“You’re NOT supposed to be here now! Your son became the sacrifice to Snow Mountain!”
“What are you talking about?”
Father gets angry at what the mechanic says.
“I’m sorry but listen to me. You should go, now, NOW. I saw the
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There is the photo of the light plane that his son wanted to have.
He sits on his son’s chair and holds around every trace of his son’s into his eyes.
A family photo, a model plane, and a wooden box lay on the cleaned table.
He carefully opens the box. There are a white rose and a letter. That is his son’s will.
It is the will written by his son before going his first flight according to the tradition of the village.

This is me. :)
Snow Mountain looks beautiful but I’m actually afraid.
I’m gonna try the first flight soon. I hope to fly the plane and to do a guide job as long as I could.
It will be possible, right?
I can’t believe that I might die, it hasn’t sunk in yet.
I’m afraid of leaving you alone. I don’t want to die, though.
I wish to live a long life with you.
But, don’t be so sad even though I might fall a sacrifice to Snow Mountain.
Don’t cry too much when you miss me.
I’ll come back to you as the snow falling on this village. I’ll wait you with mom in heaven.
Can we meet again? *
Son asks his father. Can we meet again?
“Of course, my son, we can meet again.”
His heart aches as if he really feels separated from his son.
He holds the will and the rose on his
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