Why Are Dinosaurs Warm Or Cold Blooded

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Were dinosaurs warm or cold blooded has been a long time debated issue. Scientist believe dinosaurs were much like modern day reptiles, cold blooded, and others believe dinosaurs were much like mammals and others birds, warm blooded. Dinosaurs are creatures that lived on Earth around 251 million years ago. Dinosaurs lived in the Mesozoic Era. This era contained three separate subsections: the Triassic Era, the Jurassic Era, and the Cretaceous. When the Mesozoic Era ended, most or a majority of the dinosaurs were extinct due to a catastrophic event that is still unknown to us today. Dinosaurs walked in an upright position, some dinosaurs used two legs, other used four to walk and move around their environments. Dinosaurs came in an array of sizes. Humans were able to examine the characteristics of this dinosaurs via their fossils. The fossils were found nearly every continent.…show more content…
Dinosaurs are closely related to the modern birds, who are warm blooded. New evidence has showed that dinosaurs have been known to be cold blooded but evidence has showed differently. New evidence shows dinosaurs regulated their body temperature from an internal stance than using the environment to help regulate their body temperature. Dinosaurs has homologous features of other animals of their time. Research supports that dinosaurs are warm blooded. Cold and warm blooded terms are terms used throughout science to explain the way an animal regulate their body temperature. Terms used to explain warm and cold blood animals are: endothermic, ectothermic, homoeothermic, and poikilothermic. These four terms help to describe what warm and cold blooded mean. Endothermic animals regular their body temperature from the inside their
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