Why Climate Change Is Ignored Summary

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I believe fossil fuels have overstayed their welcome and now is the time to act. The world needs to be weaned off fossil fuels as their main energy source and as the President of the United States of America, you, President Obama need to put in more effort into the research and development of renewable energy to protect future generations. Bring us up to date NASA’s data has shown earth’s climate has always been changing and the last ice age ended around 7,000 years ago bringing us into our current climate era now. This was also around the time humans came into existence and within the past 1,300 the earth has been warming at a significant rate that has not been seen before. There is good reason to believe these changes are man-made. In …show more content…

Their cost does not count the damage they cause to the environment because of this renewable energies are more costly. Onshore winds is the only renewable energy with a cost of production as low as fossil fuels. Mandle states that there is a bias in our political funding. Our government does not want to invest in these new technologies because they are do not want future generations to suffer from tax increases. Mandle explains that not addressing the climate change situation will cause more damage to future generation than some tax increases. And many people think greenhouse gases are a threat and they are willing to support paying money to correct the situation. Money should not be the reason for the government to ignore climate change because the consequences of not doing anything will outweigh the high costs of research and development of renewable energy …show more content…

The poll showed 63% of people in the United States believe in climate change and 72% of them believe there should be funding for renewable energy research (Yale). The Union of Concerned Scientists article “The Hidden Cost of Fossil Fuels” explains how fossil fuels impact our lives by destroying the environment, economy, and human health. The increase of temperature from the trapped greenhouse gases from fossil fuels will cause more extreme weather events within the next century (Fossil). Supporting article summary Prove solution The Union of Concerned Scientists article “Benefits of Renewable Energy Use” explains how renewable energy positively affects the environment, economy, and human health. There will be minimal or no greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas causing warmer temperature and switching to renewable energy will reduce the emission of CO2 significantly. The article points out how dependable and strong the renewable energy system will be. Wind and solar energy are less likely to have a major failure because there will be many scattered around a large area and they are interchangeable systems

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