Persuasive Essay On Green Energy

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Imagine a world where we have used up all of our nonrenewable resources and no longer have gas to power our cars, no coal to make energy, and no natural gas to power you household items. Well it might not be too hard to imagine, because it is predicted that in less than 75 years we will use up all of our natural gas, oil, and coal deposits. This is just one of many reasons that the government needs to put more funding into green energy. They not only need funding to find new sources of renewable energy but they also need to invest more in products that produce clean energy like solar panels, windmills, and turbines in dams.
Climate change has been a center of attention for many years now, however it seems that very few changes have been made to slow or stop it. Burning fossil fuels is one of the main culprits that causes climate change because it releases gases into the atmosphere that trap in heat and create the greenhouse effect. According to Klaus S. Lackner, the director of the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions and a professor in School of Sustainable Engineering at Arizona State University,”Dumping carbon dioxide and other greenhouses gases into the air raises their concentrations in the atmosphere and causes gradual warming.” This gradual warming is causing many horrific effects …show more content…

It is predicted that in this century we will deplete all of our fossil fuels, which we heavily rely on today. One of the main reasons that people are not acting on creating more green energy is that they simply do not have a clear understanding of the effects of using nonrenewable resources. Many schools don't teach about anything in the area of climate change, fossil fuels or the ways that the world is changing because of them. Many people also don’t know that we are running out of these resources, and extremely

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