Why Did The Allies Start World War II?

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It has been debated if Hitler or the Allied forces started World War II. The Allied forces started World War II because they could have stopped Hitler. The Allied forces were made up of Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, the United States, and China. They allowed Hitler get away with more than he should have been able to. Hitler disobeyed the Treaty of Versailles, and was allowed to succeed at the Munich Conference. Although the main causes revolved around Hitler, and he caused many of the problems, the Allied nations could have stopped him in different situations. One reason the Allies started World War II, is that the countries that made up the Allied nations were focused on their own countries after World War I, and were not …show more content…

In 1936, Great Britain allows Germany to increase the size of their navy; it just had to be 35% of their royal fleet. This violates the Treaty of Versailles because in it, it stated that Germany 's army could only be a certain size (⅓ the size of Britain’s), but Great Britain changed those rules. The Treaty also said that Germany wouldn 't be allowed into the Rhineland. In 1936, Hitler entered the Rhineland, and Great Britain or France did not stop him. Hitler kept getting away with violating the Treaty, and no one was stopping him. This is why the Allied powers caused World War II. Even though Hitler caused all these problems, they could 've been stopped earlier in the war may have not been as bad or long as it was. After he violated it a certain amount of times, he realized that no one was stopping him and he could further himself and his actions for Germany. He annexed Austria and the Sudetenland. Hitler also occupied Czechoslovakia a year later, in 1939, and formed the Nazi - Soviet pact that year. The war then started with the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939. Great Britain and France declared war on Germany two days

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