Why Did The South Lose The Civil War

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Why the south lost the civil war By: Insert name here It was on April 12, 1861 when Fort Sumter full of union soldiers. Was bombarded by the confederates. This was caused when soldiers refused to leave Fort Sumter confederates opened fire on the soldiers there was two deaths. This was because of the division of the north and south. There were disputes over territories. The main disagreement was over slavery. Slavery was legal in the south but had become banned by then states north of the Mason-Dixon line. The southerners feared that the slave ban would eventually lead to no slaveholding states, and which would give the control of the government to abolitionist. If this happened the institution of slavery would be outlawed completely. Then …show more content…

The southerners had an advantage of the land mass they owned, so it was easier for them because there people knew the land and this made it harder for the people who didn 't. While the swamps and forest were known by the people of the south but in the west the great river were used as the union 's supply routes. The geographic features of the land were both advantages and extremely unhelpful to both sides. The north had more industry and was far wealthier giving it a huge advantage to the north. On top of that the north had two million men fighting against the the south 's with just 900,000. As quoted from www.markedbyteachers.com/as.../why-did-the-south-lose-the-american-civil-war.html “ Troop levels, army supply and the finance of the war all played a major role in which side was to win the war.”. The north started using black soldiers for the free northern states to fight in the war making their troops larger, because of this the north gained an even bigger advantage. With a 300$ exemption that contradicted the idea of individual liberty, but even though it was available you would have to able to pay for it. Very few people had that kind of money at the time so it was considered ‘Rich mans war and a poor mans fight’ as shown on www.markedbyteachers.com/as.../why-did-the-south-lose-the-american-civil-war.html. A big problem as the war progressed the south

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