Why Do Criminals Lose Equality?

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August 14, 2014. Within minutes after a store robbery and a confrontation with an officer of the law, a young man had been fatally shot and a police officer was now facing the realization of either serving time in prison, or completely losing his career. While the lasting effects of the killing of any human being is never a simple happening, the specifics of the Michael Brown case made court proceedings and life, after the fact, trickier than most. The main issue, of course, being that Brown was killed by a police officer. It did not take long for the media to then shove down your throat, that Brown was a black teen and that Darren Wilson, the officer in question, was a white man.
Regardless of the decisions made by the courts and the evidence available to the public, it is easy to blame the situation at hand on racism. However, according to the statistics relayed on The Juvenile and Criminal Justice Center website, the stance leaning towards law enforcement bias towards black men, does not hold. These reports state that police killed 123 blacks. On the other hand, these reports also published that the same group of offenders …show more content…

All black colleges and scholarships based solely on the color of the applicants skin are discriminating and prohibit the advancement of impartiality. A society, which has gradually become more and more politically correct, is now scared to serve due justice to criminals who happen to be of a darker skin tone, for fear of being slandered for being racist and prejudiced. Jameis Winston, former quarterback for Florida State University, was accused of rape, theft and misconduct on numerous occasions. He, not only, got off almost scotch free, but was also the first round NFL draft pick. It is not hard to imagine, that if Jameis had been white, he would have been in a lot more trouble, if not suspended from FSU and football

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