Why Do Polar Bears Live

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Could you imagine going from the warm sunny beaches of Florida to the harsh winters of Antartica? It would take some serious adaptions to be able to survive in such drastic changes. Anglerfish and polar bears have made some pretty sufficient adaptions that allows them to be where they are today. If these organisms were not capable to make such vital changes they would not be here today. The anglerfish are some harsh and scary fish, but they do what they need to survive. Anglerfish are gray to dark brown with some large heads and mouths. They range from eight inches to three feet. They can weigh up to 100 pounds! They have a fishing pole like object protruding out of it 's head. This body part is called the illicium. Attached to it …show more content…

Polar bears have made some of the most extreme adaptions. Polar bears originated from brown bears. It is obvious that polar bears made massive evolutionary changes to be able to survive in the harsh artic conditions. To me, the most valuable changes polar bears have made is their furry coat. Just think about it, the artic can get to below 50 degrees. You would need some serious protection to stay warm. The layer closest to their bears skin retains heat to keep the bear nice and toasty. The outside layer repels the severe snow and weather. What you think is hair is actually hollow tubes that trap air and reflect light which gives polar beares that icy look. Another great adaption is the bears coat is water repellent. So after taking a dip in the water, the bears just shake of the water. Underneath all that hair is actually black skin that absorbs heat from the sun. Those adaptions are what keeps the polar bear species alive today. These bears hunt for their food and use the freezing water to get to some of their prey. To assist with swimming, they have a four inch layer of blubber that lets them stay bouyont. Along with their huge bodies, these carnivores have long powerful claws that grip the ice. When swimming, they have webbed feet to assist in swimming. These intriguing mammals live solitary lives. The most communication that happens is with the female and her cubs. One amazing ability polar bears developed is being able to slow down their metabolic rate when

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