Why Do Schools Start Later

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Do you remember when school would start later in the day instead of early, wait, that never happened. An issue in schools today is whether schools should start early or later. Many schools start early and others argue that starting early can negatively affect students. Schools should start later because it can be more beneficial towards the student's academic skills and to just be more awake or aware in classes. The opposing side of the argument says that school should start earlier in the day. The Reason for this is because starting school early can make it easier for parents to drop their kids off to school. Paragraph 1 states, “One reason for this schedule is a consideration for parents’ work schedules, making it easy for parents to drive their kids to school.” Parents don’t have to drop their kid off to school and instead could let their child go walking. If school started later, then parents will not have to have to worry about having to drop of their kid to school. School starting later will also allow the …show more content…

More sleep will cause the kids to be more awake and aware in classes and so they can focus on their studies instead of focusing on trying to stay awake because they didn’t get enough sleep. In paragraph 4 it states,”Negative effects of sleep loss include impairments in mood, attention, memory, behavior and executive function.” This shows how kids in school with lack of sleep are really affected by this and will cause them to lose focus on their studies. In all, school is just better later. In conclusion, it will just be better for students to be able to start school later because it will benefit them more. Starting school early will not just be better for their grades, but to just be more awake and aware in their classes. Isn’t it better to get just the right amount of sleep to be able to do well in school and other academic

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