Should School Start Later Analysis

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Some students don’t want school to start later because it messes up homework time, sports, and seeing friends after school but, I think school should start later because meaning that school will start a little later than what they usually do and giving more time for the kids. The kids won’t have issues getting up in the morning, their mood would be better, and can even get better grades on all of their assignments. Won’t have issues getting up in the morning Coming from the article “Should School Start Later?” a young girl by the name of Jilly Dos Santos tells us how she has no problem getting up out of bed because of how the school starts later. “I have no issues getting up now.” She says. “Things aren’t so rushed and stressful. I’m not a zombie for part of the day.” (Jilly Dos Santos, Should school start later article.) Which is a good thing we don’t want our fellow students coming to school like real…show more content…
For example the little ones walking home in the dark. This can be solve by calling a parent or another one of your guardian a head a time before school ends so the parents know to come pick up their kids so they are not walking home in the dark, also not having enough time doing your homework. This one I understand but if you are waiting for your parent or your guardian to pick you up from school maybe that will give you enough time to start on your homework or maybe even finish it. Conclusion “When the pros and cons are weighed, the conclusion is obvious” if a couple of students are wanting a little more time before going to school. School should start later because the kids won’t have issues getting up in the morning, it will increase the mood, and they will even have better
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