Why Do Soda Water Lose Its Effervescence

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The experiment was about discovering if Schweppes were true in saying that their soda water would not lose its effervescence even if the lid was left open. To investigate if Schweppes soda water was actually able to keep its effervescence even after being un-bottled, the lid being left off, various different temperatures and leaving out to set over the course of various experiments simulating all these scenarios. Drinks are carbonated to provide the bubbly and fizzy taste. Aim: Introduction: In soda water the term effervescence means bubbles or fizz in a liquid and Schweppes has claimed that their soda water will stay effervescence even with the lid left open, soda water is made when carbon dioxide is liquefied and put into the drink with …show more content…

Hydrogen ions greater than 10-7 mol/L is acidic and a solution that has a lower concentration would be alkaline. Studies have shown that soda water has a pH varying from 5-6 on the PH Scale. Titration is the point when the indicator changes colour and in the experiment phenolphthalein indicator was used and when it changed to a permanent pink that was classified as the titration point. The indicator known as phenolphthalein indicator is a colourless indicator but when used on an acidic mixture the indicator will stay clear it begins to change to a light pink when is reaches a pH of 7 and finally a changes to a dark pink when the pH is between 8.3 and 10 it is also commonly used during titrations experiments. Some factors that affect soda water is when CO2 in the soda water rise they expand in warm temperatures causing the drink to go flat and lose it’s effervescence, on the other hand in cooler temperatures the CO2 will still rise but not expand at the same rate allowing it to retain it’s effervescence some other factors are when they are stirred it arouses the CO2 and causes it to reach the surface faster making the drink go flat because the gas exits the water and is no longer part of the drink, but when not stirred this process …show more content…

Finally, when the soda water is left standing, finally when the bottle is opened all the CO2 begins making it’s way out in the form of bubbles made of gas, if the bottle was left out for two long it will be noticed that the effervescence of the drink will be massively decreased because of the lack of carbonic acid by closing the lid will prevent any more CO2 from escaping and enable longer preservation of the drink. Henry’s law states that the amount of gas that is dissolved will take up a portion of the pressure meaning in soda water the CO2 takes up a lot of pressure which gives off the fizzing sound when opened

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