Why Do We Need To Be Reformed In Our School System

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The Way Our School System Needs to be Reformed In America the school system is currently failing the students who need to be taught. This is mostly due to common core. The common core system needs to be modified because there is a lack of diversity in a gifted education, it fails to make use feel passionate, and the grading system needs to be modified. Currently the education for America is 17th out of all the countries in the world (Bielberg 3).
The fact that our school system currently does not motivate us needs to be changed. In America the standards are too rigorous, which causes the teachers to be rushed and miss some of the most important content. There needs to be a value in the system, this will ensure that the needed education is kept, and allowing the students to stay motivated. In order to allow this there is a need to reflect upon what other countries are doing better. One of which is Finland, in Finland they currently have a very laid back attitude. This allows students to stay more entertained during the class. In Finland, they are currently ranked 6 out of the countries which is way higher than the United States (Bielberg 8). The thought that exams are not personalized which prevents students from …show more content…

Due to the standardized tests there is a lack of knowledge because, the teachers are teaching for the only the test. So the students who only memorize tests are not completely comprehending what they are learning. This causes students to be less competent in what is going on in the world (Pamela). Also the standardized tests tend to cause the teachers to be less creative. This is due to the rigour of the tests, this causes them to be more focused upon the fact that there is a standard they need to cover, which causes them not to see that they are forgetting to motivate the students to do better

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