Why Gun Control Is Important

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Some might argue that the US is one of the greatest countries in the world, but compared to others, it's one of the worst when it comes to gun control. It has become apparent that the gun control policies aren't as strict as they should be, as everyday in the US, an average of 36 people are killed at the hands of guns and more than 32,000 people are killed annually. Guns violence impacts society in many ways. Statistics show more people have been killed by guns than all the American wars since 1968 and it's estimated that 280 million people currently own a gun in the US. A country where 280 million people running around with firearms that cause fatal harm is incredibly alarming. 4.5 million firearms are purchased every year in the US, but we can't always assume that people would inflict harm onto others. Guns are purchased for many reasons, one of the biggest is self-protection and hunting An organization such as the National Rifle Association actively promotes the idea that any US citizen has the right to bear arms. Why? because America is practically built on the concept of freedom. The idea came from the Second Amendment of the Constitution which states …show more content…

Another question is “Are guns really necessary in our daily lives?”. Many people buy guns for many reasons. However, there are others who abuse that power to inflict pain upon others. The sad truth is, banning all guns will not stop all the gun violence because ultimately, its not the guns that kill people. However if somebody wants to buy a gun, then there should be stricter background checks on medical records to see if there are any issues with mental health. Security precautions could also be added, such as extra guards and metal detectors, but that can cost a huge amount of

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