Arguments For Gun Control

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Gun Violence and The Push for Gun Control It is safe to say that all Americans have seen a gun either in a book, magazine, on tv or they are a responsible gun owner themselves. Guns have been a part of our American culture since the founding of our nation and is ingrained in our constitutional rights. Majority of Americans have come to appreciate guns either through sport, hunting or self-defense. Unfortunately, guns also have an alternative application, violence. The application of a firearm in a violent manner has led to a more significant debate on gun control laws and the accessibility of use. This ongoing debate has been around since the founding of our nation, from the passage of the Second Amendment to the more recent Brady Act. These laws were passed to stem the violent application of its use, but not to the desired effect as some would hope. Which poses the question, are more gun control laws needed if we are not getting the results of our current regulations, or are we simplifying a more significant issue? From my research, it is of my opinion that the root of gun violence in America is one of social construct. Gun control laws are always a reactionary solution that never solves, nor addresses the underlying issues that potentially led to gun violence. So, what is violence? According to The World Health Organization (WHO), the definition of violence is "the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or

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