Why Is Chris Mccandless Wrong

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After reading and also watching the story of Chris McCandless my opinion of him is that I think his choices were wrong. He failed at what he was trying to achieve. Due to his choices and his actions his life went downhill. I do feel like what Chris did was extremely brave. I've never read a story like his story and although I disagree with his decision I applaud him for being a strong and determined person. Chris was on a journey to find out how life is without the normal things people needed. Throughout the story I focused on his decisions and how he would react to negative outcomes. When I read that Chris had burnt the rest of his money I knew he had made a bad mistake. Even though he might not have needed the money it would have been some sort of insurance and security just knowing you'll be able to buy food when you're close to starvation. Chris failed to do so and I feel like his death was an outcome to that decision. I know if Chris had the chance to he would take it back and return to his family. …show more content…

I feel like that was the most selfish thing to do. He could have atleast called home to let them know he was ok. His selfishness caused his parents more stress. He didn’t think about anyone but him and I feel like his death was a cause of that choice. Chris’ parents fell apart even more after him leaving. His sister was hurt and worried as well. In the movie about Chris it said that his mom would think that anyone on the street was Chris. They were all broken because of his choice and that’s why I think he was

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