Gun Control Is Bad Essay

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Gun Control is a serious issue in America there are over a dozen mass shootings happening every year not counting gang violence. Gun control is a very sensitive topic because there are two sides to every story why is gun control bad and why is it good. Gun control has been a very big issue in the U.S since we have been dealing with a lot of terrorist attacks. The U.S have a had laws to make it harder for people to get guns by doing more background checks and other history about your mental health. Gun control is an issue because shootings are too common now there has to more strict rules on guns. Guns are responsible for almost thirty thousand deaths a year in America a little bit more than half of those deaths are suicides. America has a big problem with guns there are about 280 million to 300 million guns in private hands of americans. Gun shops need to do more background checks and see their mental health that could stop and incident like the gunmen who took thirty two lives at Virginia Tech in 2007. There have been more shootings like this one in various schools around the country. We have had terrorist get there hand on guns 200000 guns are in hands of hardened criminals. There are almost 850 accidental deaths …show more content…

The US could pass a law that makes having an unregistered firearm a bigger deal like prison time and a large. The US could also make it to where they have government regulated Gun Shops that way they can do extensive background checks and check on their mental health before giving them a gun. The US could also make the concealed firearm a weaker weapon that only has a round that can just injures them so they can call the authorities. The US can not just take away people 's right to bear arms but they can restrict the amount of guns sold and regulate the huntings weapons to a select

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