Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Imagine a grandma who lives out in the country with no means of protection and a burglar barges through the door. She cannot call the police because they are at least thirty minutes away and the criminal would already be gone by the time they showed up. On the other hand, there has been mass shootings with semi automatic weapons that have caused several casualties. These are two extremes that are very plausible outcomes when the topic of gun control comes about. How is the United States suppose to make laws where neither of these situations happen? Guns in the United States need to be regulated to a certain extent, but should also allow law abiding citizen to protect themselves from criminals who never follow the laws. To inform you, gun control is the laws or policies that regulate the sales, modification, possession, and other aspects of the use of firearms. According to Wikipedia, “875 million small arms are distributed amongst civilians,” and “U.S civilians alone account for 270 million of this total” (Gun Control). With this being stated, it means that United States civilians hold 30% of all guns throughout the world. Also the United States and Yemen are the only two nations that believe it is a natural right for …show more content…

America is where most speculations arise because it is the biggest country that allows citizens to bear their own personal arms. Other nations stick to strict laws that outlaw any type of handguns. Some people believe that allowing citizens to own guns makes the nation more vulnerable to gun related crimes and mass shootings. On the other hand, people believe that by allowing these citizens to have guns gives them the ability to protect themselves against these criminals. The reason why there is so much controversy about this topic is because there is so many lives that are endangered from these laws and whether they should be stricter or

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