Why Is It Important To Use ASPCA Commercials Cruelty To Animals?

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You hear the lyrics, “In the arms of an angel…” Then quickly change the channel. That’s what some viewers will automatically do when they hear that beginning of Sara McLachlan’s beautiful song, “Angel.” The commercials for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA, provide an emotional appeal that makes most people hysterically cry when they see the animals who are victims of abuse. Unfortunately, some individuals will find themselves avoiding this commercial to resist bawling their eyes out, instead of donating to the charity. The emotional visuals are what make this ad effective to all animal lovers and even some people who do not like animals as much. A huge way to allure more viewers is visual persuasion. This is how the ASPCA commercials get viewers …show more content…

But it is important to understand the purpose of this campaign and the story behind these animals suffering. ASPCA commercials persuade viewers to donate to their charity in order to help these abused animals find better living situations. Since 2006, this commercial has been on almost every television channel, to the point that it has been a bit overplayed. The intended audience for this advertisement would most likely be middle aged adults who are animal lovers. However, with this type of emotional appeal, it is beginning to bring forth non-animal lovers to participate in this donation as well. Viewers with prior experiences with their own pets will be touched the most by this commercial. For example, people who care and treat their own pets as children will be extremely saddened to think of anything that terrible ever happen to their pet. Not only have these animals been abused, but they have been neglected and some starved. Although the commercial sometimes prevents viewers from watching it to resist being upset, it has been very successful in reeling people in to this

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