Why Is John Quincy Adams Successful

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John Quincy Adams was born July 11, 1767 Braintree, MA. His father was John Adams the second president of the us and his mother was John Adams beautiful wife Abigail Adams. John Quincy Adams was basically born to be president. I say this because John Quincy Adams started of his political career when he was just a kid. John Quincy Adams knew eight languages Greek, Latin, French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and German. John Quincy Adam also had many other jobs before he was president of the United States. Such as a diplomat, U.S. senator, and secretary of state under the fifth President of the U.S James Monroe. When John Quincy Adams was ten years old he traveled with his father John Adams to France to get aid from them for the revolutionary war. In 1783 John Quincy Adams traveled with his father once more to France to serve as a secretary as well as a translator when they were negotiating the Treaty of Paris. Two years later John Quincy Adams returned to Boston to attend Harvard College. As he was attending Harvard he got a master's degree before starting to practice law in 1790. Four years after that the first president George Washington offered John Quincy Adams to be the …show more content…

This case was when a group of male African American slaves were suing for the freedom that they deserved. John Quincy Adams believed in these men's case and fought for them. Adams was successful at this task and the African American men gained their freedom back. The death date of John Quincy Adams was February 23, 1848. He died two days after suffering from a Cerebral Hemorrhage which is when a blood vessel in your body causes bleeding inside your brain. This happened when John Quincy Adams was giving a speech to the House of Laura. To wrap things up the most memorable things John Quincy Adams will probably be remembered for during his lifetime is for founding the Smithsonian Institution and his resistance against

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