Why Is Odysseus An Epic Hero?

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Desmond D Glover Jr.

English Period 7 Project.

Question: Why is Odysseus an epic hero?

Odysseus was a great person in the story. Some people don’t believe he is an epic hero. I will

explain to you why I think he is an epic hero. Odysseus showed great examples of being heroic but my

top three is that he was very loyal to his wife, he escaped the Cyclops, and that he was very intelligent.

These are great human qualities to have and some that people today are lacking.

One of Odysseus’s best qualities was being loyal. Many people today will not be loyal and be

dishonest. Odysseus had many things thrown at him to test his loyalty. While Odysseus was on his

journey he met a nymph name Circe. Circe turned his men into pigs, she would

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