Why Is Socrates Justified To Break The Law

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The American University in Cairo
Philosophical Thinking
Law vs Morality
Ahmed El - Omla
Dr. Jason Blum
November 16th, 2015

According to Socrates, it would never be justified to break the law, Socrates believed in the idea that if you live in a place you should abide by its laws. Socrates would say that those who created the laws have a better understanding of what is right and wrong. And if one is med with those who hold more knowledge in a particular matter it would be foolish to argue against their opinion. In Socrates’s eyes personal judgment and the opinion of the majority held no power when it was faced by those of an expert. And since Socrates was put in a similar situation where he was going to die unless he broke the law and escaped his hanging. Although his friend Crito tried to convince him to do so, Socrates used his trusted method of taking the argument and analyzing it till a reasonable conclusion is met. Socrates was a man of high moral standard in which he believed that one should never return harm even if it was done to him.
Socrates disregarded the ideas of virtue and morality when it came to the law because, although his opinion on whether what has been done to him was just or not might have been true, he still chose to abide by the law. Moreover, one of Socrates stronger reasoning for not breaking the law was that if the opinion of private individuals would be enough for people to break the law, he believed that people would not only destroy

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