Why Is The Holocaust Still Relevant Today

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During the 1930’s, Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. It was at a time of economic depression. The Germans were looking for anyone who could promise to make their nation better. They didn’t know, however, that Hitler was going to lead their country into an era of terror. The Holocaust is a contemporary issue. Holocaust survivor testimonials are vital to today’s society because they suffered and atrocity and it is important to educate people of what happened first hand. To begin with, the Holocaust is a contemporary issue because it demonstrates the atmosphere in which genocide can take place.These people had to endure prejudices which were illogical and unfair. Anti semitism remains in our society to an extent. It is therefore important to remember the Holocaust because it is an example of how these trends could evolve into something far more threatening. However, the Holocaust is more than a warning from the past. The human cost of the loss of six million lives is outrageous. If you consider what could have been achieved by those who died, what could have been …show more content…

The consequences for Jews were horrific. The suffering and death was not limited to them. Millions of other groups were victimized, forced into slave labor, and murdered. The Holocaust shows that when one group is targeted, all people are vulnerable. Today, in a world where anti semitism is rising, we must raise awareness of the past by learning from the people that survived it.

To reflect, Holocaust survivors are important because they give personal experience of what happened in the Holocaust. The history of the Holocaust is inescapable as a subject.Comprehension and memory of the past are crucial to how we understand ourselves, our society, and our goals for the future. To Intentionally deny the historical record threatens understanding of how to avoid this from happening

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