Why Is The North West Ordinance Important

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Brandon Robles January 29, 2015 Dr. Carl Frances History 135 First Required Essay. One of the most historic events in history was when Thomas Jefferson put in place the North-West Ordinance. The North-West Ordinance was a detailed plan to provide safety and regulation to the American people in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. It was one of the few big turning points in the American government era. One of the greatest success that were in the North-West Ordinance, was that it outlawed slavery. Everyone that lived in the North-West Ordinance had their basic freedoms and rights on what religion to worship. Also the fugitive slaves that were on the run and came into the North-West Ordinance adopted these basic rights. The Treaty of Greenville was another historic event …show more content…

For them to do so, they needed to purchase Louisiana. Louisiana in present day is all the North West and the south west states. At the time Louisiana was owned by the French. America made an offer to purchase the land for $15 million from the French. The French decided to sell it to the Americans for that specified amount of money. The Missouri Compromise was a rule that regulated slavery in the southern states. America did this to even out the Non-Slave states and the Slavery states. This compromise was made in 1820 by Henry Clay. Henry Clay was a lawyer and a politician that was very involved in the Missouri Compromise of 1820. America wanted to expand later in the years. Expanding had to take place more of the west. The Spanish owned most of the west of America, including some of the Pacific Ocean. Some of the most important figures that took part in the Oregon Compromise was the President James K. Polk and the Prime Minister Robert Peel. They two negotiated deals for them to own the west of America. There was a lot of tension between the Spanish, British and America to undertake this

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