Why We Should Start Later Essay

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Ever since anyone can remember, school has started at around 7:30 am or earlier, and around 80% of schools in America start before 8:00 (Education Degree). Recently many studies have shown that school starting before 8:30 am is actually negatively affecting students. During your teenage years your body is making a lot of changes which causes your melatonin to change and that will cause your body to want to stay up later. When you mix late nights with early school times, students will not get the full 9 hours of sleep and many students end up deprived of the sleep they desperately need. This is causing grades to go down, depression, inactivity in daily life, and it’s even causing students to start drinking, smoking, or doing harmful drugs. School hours should start after 8:30 am so students can get the correct amount of sleep every night. The average amount of sleep …show more content…

The main reasons for this are, tradition, and a lot of people think early school times create responsibility. Some people just don’t want change. We have always had school at an early time and everyone else survived so what is the difference between them and us? There has been many successful people graduate and succeed in life so there is really no excuse why we cannot. Another reason is most jobs available today, start at early times and if students don’t start learning now to go to sleep at a decent time and get up early, will they ever? If people are used to having to get up at 8:30 am to go to school and then they all of a sudden have to go to work at 6:30 am, they will most likely be late. Most places of employment take being on time very seriously so they could potentially lose their job if they don’t come to work on time. So that is why the divide between parents who want school hours to stay the same and who want school hours to start later is split pretty

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