Why Should Abortion Be Allowed

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Alena had experienced an abortion few years ago when her baby was only nine weeks old. She became really sick and not confident, felt embarrassed and dishonest, and could not sleep well because of anxiety and fear. Now, her life is terrible and full of regrets that she hardly becomes pregnant again (P.A.T.H.S.). According to World Health Organization, there are almost 125,000 abortions per day all around the world. Those aborted babies did no get chances to grow up, to see the world or to experience all the good things and bad things. The supporters of abortion think that why should babies come into the world when no one wants them. Also, the right for abortion should not be limited by governments or affected by religions. Abortion should not be tolerated because it is not safe, it can lead to many consequences, and causes more and more bad sexual behaviors. …show more content…

There are 21.6 million women having an unsafe abortion each year all around the world (WHO). According to US governor Rick Perry, “since the 1973 decision, which established abortion as a constitutional right, 50 million, 50 million children have lost their chances. That is a catastrophic number” (Ashford-Grooms). From this fact, it is obvious that since abortion was legalized, people have started to mistreat the seriousness of abortion and misuse this right. However, abortion is an unsafe action. The World Health Organization defines unsafe abortion as an action that can happen when an individual lacks of specific skills or is in a strict situation (World Health Organization). Also, there are 98% unsafe abortions worldwide, 56% in developing countries and 6% in developed countries (Guttmacher.org). In the other words, abortion is a murder! Each abortion kills an innocent baby! Taking out the baby from your body is like murdering yourself and the

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