Why Should Smoking Be Allowed In Public Places

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According to world health organization, 1.1 billion people are smokers all over the world. China is the largest country that produces and consumes the cigarette in the world. Smoking is vastly harmful as long as tobacco killed around 100 million people all over the world in the 20th century and this figure is greater than the number of killed in world wars I and II according to tobacco Atlas . Smoking cigarette is the principal cause cancer. Which is cause around 87 percent of lung cancer. However, smoking does not effect on the lung only, still it is also impacting on a stomach, bone marrow, cervix, blood, kidneys lead, and pancreas cancer. However, nowadays the highest popular brand of cancer is lung cancer and a few people survive from this cancer. Nowadays, several of people smoking in the public places and this is a colossal problem for the reason that when…show more content…
Nowadays, plenty of countries are issuing laws that prohibit smoking in public places. This act damages non-smoker’s health against their will. Smoking doesn’t kill only the smoker, whereas also the people around him. Recently, researchers found that the smoker gets 30% of the damage of the cigarette and other people gets 70% of the damage. The article “health risks of secondhand smoke” (2015) the author mentions that non-smokers inhale the exact chemicals that the smokers inhale. By this, one smoker can widely affect a group of non-smokers. People who are against smoking in public places say that each person has the right to live in a clean environment. It is numerous of ill people and children walking in the streets who will get harm deeply from the cigarette smoke. This is also unacceptable for tourism because tourists will feel uncomfortable by virtue of the smell and the smoke. This smoke can also cause lung cancer and it can be fatal to elderly people or people that have

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