Why Was President Nixon Supposed To Deal With The Vietnam War

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1. The first problem that the United States faced during the Vietnam war was that the people of the United States were opposed to the Vietnam war. Another problem was that North Vietnam kept helping the Vietcong get stronger.
2. The options that were available to both presidents were to either fight the Vietcong head on or withdraw the American troops and hold out until the other side got tired of fighting. Then they could negotiate peace. The advantage of option two was that most citizens were in favor of it. The people of the United States especially the young were opposed to the drafts. The advantage of option 1 was that the American troops would be more hands on and would directly be involved in fighting the Vietcong and Northern Vietnam.
3. President Nixon went with option 2. He decided to …show more content…

I don 't think that there were any other possible solutions. The New Deal kind of covered all the bases. To help the economy you would have to deal with the unemployment and that is just what Roosevelt did. Also he placed more taxes. He also regulated agriculture, which helped increase industry. Roosevelt did everything he could to help America out of it 's depression. He could have done more charities or given food or money, but I think that falls under the same idea of helping the unemployed. The advantages of the New Deal was that it focused on all aspects of the Great Depression. Not only did it help recover the economy, but tried to put policies in place to prevent it from happening. I would say the New Deal worked and proved to be a good solution to the Great Depression even though it did not fully recover the economy. The New Deal increased jobs and reduced unemployment. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration also raised farm prices and controlled farm production. The New Deal also created new taxes that helped the retired and unemployed. All this helped raise and recover the

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