Why Was The Nashville Sit-In Movement Successful

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The Nashville Sit-in Movement was a very successful protest during the 1960s that helped to desegregate public areas. People of all different genders, ages and races from all around the country gathered together to form one of the biggest protests our country has ever seen. Although it was a difficult and gruesome journey, The Nashville Sit-in movement succeeded for three reasons; white businesses economic downfall, the actions and reactions of the protesters & white people, and black students willingness to take initiative. The first reason The Nashville Sit-in Movement was successful was because of the drastic effect it had on white businesses. The movement stirred up controversy and incited violence. Many white people didn't want to go to certain restaurants and store not only because there were black people there but also because there it was violent and unrestrained. Because of the disputation the protests created, people stopped spending money at these stores and restaurants and the businesses began to lose money. Eventually, they went bankrupt and realized the movement was serious and that if they wanted to keep making money they'd need to desegregate their stores. …show more content…

Black people at an all white lunch counter was an outright aberration. Predictably, the white people at the lunch counter were not open desegregation. Thus, they began to beat and harass the black protesters. This painted people who opposed desegregation as villians and the black protesters as the victims. For that reason, it was easier for people to commiserate with black people which further helped the cause. Also, the black protesters insisted on ignoring the egregious abuse they faced. They decided to disregard the hatred and animosity and hope that it'd soon end and they'd be able to sit down at a lunch counter and get treated

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