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Wolxy s(Vulpes Lupus) are the offspring of a red fox and a gray wolf. Both parents are members of the kingdom Animalia which makes their offspring a member of the kingdom Animalia as well. The offspring follows the same classification of its parents which is domain: Eukarya, phylum: Chordata, class: Mammalia, order: Carnivora, and family: Canidae. This offspring, like its parents, is a vertebrate which means that it has an endoskeleton that is supported by skeletal muscle tissue. It also has loose connective tissue and epithelial tissue that connects and protects its vital organs.
In addition, the Wolxy's nervous system is much like a dog's nervous system. It is composed of the spinal cord, brain, cerebellum which helps control the activity of the muscles, the pituitary gland which helps controls the growth and development of the endocrine, and the raquideous bulb. Moreover, this offspring has a close circulatory system which means that the blood is pumped by the heart through the vessels and the blood is kept closed at all times within vessels just like its parents the gray wolf and the red fox. …show more content…

This type of respiratory system helps the offspring maintain its endurance when hunting by releasing carbon dioxide and gaining oxygen. A wolxy is an omnivore; it can eat all types of small or medium size mammals such as beavers and can consume fruits such as berries and acorns. It is able to digest all this types of foods due to the higher level of stomach acid in its stomach which helps it break down all types of fats and it also use its intestines as part of its digestion. These two organs play the main role in the digestive system of a Wolxy. The excretory system of the Wolxy includes a set of kidneys, a bladder, a ureter, and a urethra. This organs help get rid of the wastes from the body as either urine or

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