Women In Military Combat Essay

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Women in Military Combat:
Should They Be Treated Equally? Should women in military combat be treated equally? There are varying views on whether women in military combat should be treated equally. For example, some people believe that women should be treated as an equal to men in combat. Others feel as though women should be treated inferior to men while involved in military combat. Furthermore, some women are very capable of fighting, but not always as strong as men making this topic very controversial across the United States still today. Also, men are typically born emotionally stronger than women and their reactions and reaction times to the issues that arise during combat differ vastly. “Today, 214,098 women serve in the U.S. Military, representing 14.6% of total service members” (Let Women Fight, The Allyn & Bacon Guide To Writing, 341). As of today there have been multiple female soldiers awarded for being actively involved in military combat with enemies. For example, the very first female soldier was awarded the Silver Star in 2005. Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester, a female member of The Kentucky National Guard was the recipient of this honorable award. She won the award after she and her team were ambushed by the enemy and she successfully led her …show more content…

“Further, the 1948 Women’s Armed Services Integration Act created a permanent corps of women in all the military departments” (Let Women Fight, The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing, 341). Recent policy changes have caused confusion between the distinction between support roles and actual combat roles. Since women are allowed to serve in support units, the barrier that once existed to keep them from combat has almost disappeared. Meanwhile the U.S. military is searching to find a method to recognize the fact that women fight in wars. As time marches on, the idea of women in combat is becoming more and more accepted in the United

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