Elements Of Context Sensitive Help

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WordPress is an excellent content management system (CMS) which has become quite famous for creating web applications that especially depend on regular text entries such as blogs and informational websites. It is free to use and there are thousands of free web models that are created using the WordPress software.
Here, we present the use of a knowledge base to create context sensitive help and also discuss its important elements. We discuss this application based on a WordPress website that allows users to post content through an application that offers excellent control.
Context Sensitive Help
Context sensitive help allows users to look at the information about a topic or a term by remaining on the same page using a tool, such as a question …show more content…

The information stored in a knowledge base is ideal for implementing different kinds of online help on websites, which are created using WordPress.
Knowledge base management software is ideal for creating and implementing a help authoring system for a company. In fact, many knowledge bases are also ideal elements of context sensitive help. Now, we will aim to understand context sensitive help.
Creating Context Sensitive Help
Context sensitive help refers to the immediate help which is often provided through HTML pop-ups and JAVA applets when designing websites. CSP is an excellent support tool that can empower different types of websites such as online wikis, manuals and CMS based informational sites. CSP allows users to find help as they are going through the different elements of the website.
Context sensitive help is implemented using screen pop-ups and tooltips. These are excellent elements that allow visitors to remain on the page and do not remove their concentration from it. In turn, this increases the time of website visits which are essential for running a successful WordPress website.
Some of the available forms in which context sensitive help is displayed on a website are discuss …show more content…

Any Java applet creation tool can be employed in WordPress templates. These tools can then be made to create various avenues of providing context sensitive help. The tools allow both the creation of on page help as well as creating a knowledge base that can support the definitions employed in the context sensitive help pop-ups and tooltips.
The Importance of Context Sensitive Help
Context sensitive help is extremely important for creating a well established website that aims to promote its ideas clearly. Context sensitive help allows users to fully understand the different terms described on a webpage. Context sensitive help empowers websites by providing instant and relevant help to website visitors.
The best way context sensitive help helps a WordPress website is that it does not require any additional window or a different webpage to pass important information to the users. A user is directly able to access a CMS designed webpage and learn about important concepts that are presented there.
The Advantages of Context Sensitive

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