Working-Class Women In The Progressive Era

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The progressive era was a historical movement in time where extensive social activism and political reform were taking place all across America. If would be inadequate to say that one class of women, either the working class or the middle class, were affected more or less than the other by this era. They were both handing different forms of change and reform, but all of equal value. The working class women were piloting research, implementing reformation programs, attempting to increase wages, improve working conditions, and lobbying legislation to make positive changes. Amongst the working class women were many notable women that changed history. An example of such women was Susan B. Anthony. She was the driving force behind the abolition of slavery and women’s suffrage.…show more content…
They were oftentimes referred to as the “moral guardians”. Women of the progressive era united to fight against racism, raise wages, and improve the working condition of female workers. It was both of these classes of women working together that were the driving force behind change and reformation in the progressive era. Women in the Progressive Era accomplished much significant reorganization. They had achieved many victories, but perhaps the sweetest of these triumphs was the passage of the 19th Amendment, which won women’s suffrage. In summary, America wouldn’t be what it is today without the reforms that women gave throughout the past
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