Worship In Islam Essay

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Worship is an important part of the religion of Islam. Worship (Ibaadah) is a term that includes everything that Allah would be pleased with. It represents the utmost love for Allah through submission. Prayers,zakaat,fasting,hajj,being kind towards others, maintaining relations with kin, doing good and staying away from doing evil, being beneficent to neighbours,to the poor people or orphans,supplication,reciting the holy Quran and such others are types of worship.
An act of worship must obey these two circumstances: Firstly, it must conform to the orders of Allah’s Law as found in the Quran and Sunnah. However, Allah commands his messenger (peace be upon him) with the subsequent: Say (O Muhammad): “If you love Allah, then obey me. Then Allah will love you.” Secondly, it must be performed merely for Allah’s sake, there should be no other …show more content…

Al Baseera: defines the word guidance. It is the guidance for the ones who have faith in Allah.
Al-Noor: defines the word light has range of purposes in the Quran and hadith. The Quran is a light that illuminates for mankind the path of this world and the hereafter.
Al-Hakeem: means wisdom of all wise. The attributes has three notions; He exists, He is one in His own self and He is omniscient. It specifies that Al Hakeem is wisdom in its content, rulings, order, arrangement and wisdom in its style.
Al Mubarak: it is that which is clear in itself such as; the Quran it is clear in its content, understanding and it is full of blessings.
Al Majeed: Vastness in greatness, in glory, in might, in honor and in respect.
The classification of the verses of the Holy Quran is categorized into 4 parts: Firstly,they include verses that talk about the aspects of faith. They are verses that talk about the aspects of practical rulings. Verses that talk about about and deal with the stories of the prophets including their nations. Lastly,the verses that talk about proper good manners for the society and as well as for the

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